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We are boutique law firm which prioritize best services and ensures quality

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We are boutique law firm with easy access to senior partners. Unlike other competitive law firms in general, where clients go through institutionalized and corporatized, distancing certain clients, our relationship with clients are far more informal and there’s greater flexibility in discussing various issues.
Our legal services is driven by desire to reduce costs as well as to obtain the services of lawyers and barristers with specialized experience.
We are located in Dhaka city and can promise to serve you better than you expect.
We’re passionate about winning, dedicated to building relationships and constantly striving to drive the legal professional industry forward

What We Do

We can give our clients a peace of mind that their needs will be fulfilled with our commitment to quality, professionalism, experience and value which is a cornerstone of our practice.
We tailor our services according to the needs of each client. We evaluate every individual case, we do team work, make strategies which best suits the purpose of the client and then we implement.
We believe that our clients will benefit from the services of our collaborative and customized business approach.
Our collective energy of individual talents can master the balancing power necessary to meet the desired needs of our clients.

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Intellectual Property Law

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Tax Law



Criminal Law

Cyber Crime

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Banking & Finance

Media & Communication

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Honest, Expert Lawyers

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